Top Down Approach

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Top-Down Approach

The advantages of this approach are:

  • A truly corporate effort, an enterprise view of data
  • Inherently architected—not a union of disparate data marts
  • Single, central storage of data about the content
  • Centralized rules and control
  • May see quick results if implemented with iterations

The disadvantages are:

  • Takes longer to build even with an iterative method
  • High exposure/risk to failure
  • Needs high level of cross-functional skills
  • High outlay without proof of concept

This is the big-picture approach in which you build the overall, big, enterprise-wide data warehouse. Here you do not have a collection of fragmented islands of information. The data warehouse is large and integrated. This approach, however, would take longer to build and has a high risk of failure. If you do not have experienced professionals on your team, this approach could be dangerous. Also, it will be difficult to sell this approach to senior management and sponsors. They are not likely to see results soon enough.

Courtesy: Data Warehouse Fundamentals – Paulraj Ponniah


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