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Analytics and Performance Management

Get the training you need with TDWI Onsite Education.

Is your business driven by guesswork and gut feel, or by hard data and true information? The uncertainties of the current economy make every business decision critical, and the remedy for uncertainty is reliable information. What it really comes down to is managing your business by measuring your business—knowing what, why, and what next.

That’s why analytics and performance management are quickly becoming business priorities for today’s managers. But you don’t need to travel—or send your team traveling—to get the training you need.

TDWI Onsite Education provides the essential courses that will help you step into this new era of business analytics and performance management:

Bring TDWI’s world-class education directly to your own conference room and give your team the information management training that will impact your business immediately. Contact Yvonne Baho for more information or for a complimentary training consultation.

Yvonne M. Baho
Director, TDWI Onsite Education

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CBIP Certification for Your Team
TDWI Onsite offers training packages combining TDWI education, CBIP prep, and exams.
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