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Data Integration

Pulling together & reconciling dispersed data for analytic purpose that organizations have maintained in multiple hetrogenous systems.

Data Acquisition

It is the process of extracting the relevant business information from the different source systems typically hetrogenous source systems, integrating, transforming and loading the data into DW (Data Warehouse) or DM (Data Mart)

  • Data Extraction
  • Trasformation
  • Loading
Data Extraction

It is the process of reading the data from either hetrogenous or homogenous source systems like RDBMS, Flat files, XML Files, COBOL Files, Peoplesoft, Siebel, SAP R/3…

Data Transformation

It is the process that converts the data to a required definition & value.

  • Data Merging
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Aggregation

Data Merging

It is the process of standardization the data types & column names which are coming from different source systems

Data Cleansing

It it the process of identifying & changing the inconsistencies(names) and inaccuracies (numbers)

Data Aggregation

It is the process, where multiple detailed values are summarized into a single query values. Typically numerics like Revenue, Max(SAL), Min(SAL), Avg(Discount) etc…

Data Loading

It is a process of pumping the data from the source system to the target system(DWH/DM). The loading can be done on routine based periodically

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