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-- Download Data Warehouse Life Cycle as PDF --


Phase I

Project Plan and Scope of the Project

There are three parameters to be consider 


  • Scope
  • Time
  • Resource




What you would like to accomplish?  What are the OLTP sources?   This type of questions to be answered.


What would be the final date for building the warehouse, when the system will be available for users to access


What’s the budget? What are the roles, profiles and responsibilities of each resource will be taken into consideration


Requirements gathering

Gathering both technical and functional requirements 

What are the business questions? What kind of reports they want?  How often they use the DWH system?

How they analyse the data? what all the metrics and measures to analyse?


Phase II

Dimensional Modeling Design

How to establish business requirements?

How to choose business process?

How to identify the grain?

Designing the schema

How to choose dimensions?

How to identify measures (facts) to populate fact tables


Phase III

Implementation Part – I (Team and Tool Setup)

Setting up the team

Tool selection (ETL and OLAP) according to our budget.

Installation of tool, configuring and enabling security


Implementation Part – II (ETL Development Process)

LLD (Low level design)

HLD (High level design)

ETL Design and Mapping steps and Transformation rules

OLTP Data profiling and Data quality

Performance Tuning

ETL Testing

Unit Testing

System Testing

UAT (User Acceptance Test)


Implementation Part – III (OLAP Development Process)

Building reports and dashboards

OLAP Testing 

Unit Testing

System Testing

UAT (User Acceptance Test)


Phase IV


Deploying the entire system at clients place 


Pahse V


Monitoring and support of end-users.

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