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-- Download Configuring Repository with Job Server as PDF --

Open the Server Manager

Start–> Programs–> BusinessObjects DataIntegrator–> Server Manager

  1. Server Manager window will be opened, now click on Edit Job Server Config
  2. Click on Add button
  3. Job Server Properties window will be opened
  4. Enter the unique Job server name, port
  5. Now click on Add button in the Associated repositories section
  6. Now, you have to specify your repository details in the Repository information section such as Database type, Connection name, User name and Password. Click on Apply button
  7. Click on OK button. You will bounce back to Job Server Configuration Editor window with a new Job Server entry
  8. Click on OK button.
  9. Finally click on Restart button.
  10. DI services will be restart.
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13 comments on “Configuring Repository with Job Server

  1. hi sharma ,

    fristly ,this is a very good site sturctured in very good way .

    i have an issue ,its like i installed BODI on my windows xp , while installation i skipped the step of jobserver creation.
    now i can c that when i open my designer its show clearly my jobservre is not configured .

    how can i reslove this problem to make my jobserver run,

    i couldnot find “SERVER manager ” in my “BUSINESSOBJECT Dataintegrator ” when i reach it from “START”-“PROGRAMfile”

    i welcome ur suggestion


    • Thanks for your comments Kiran.

      I think you didn’t select the Job Server component when you install the application. However, go to the LINK_DIR/Bin folder, (\Program Files\Business Objects\Data Integrator/Bin) and search for AWServerConfig.exe.. If you’re not able to find that component then you may need to re-install the application with all components selected properly.
      If you able to see that component in Bin folder then make sure you have a proper license to access that or not. You can verify the license thru license manager component also.

      let me know if this helps!


    • Hello Bujjibabu,

      Thanks for going thru my blog. Well, unfortunately, I do not have DI/DS configured in unix box with me to provide detailed installation steps. However, I would recommend you to go thru DI/DS Technical manuals and there is a chapter called “Installing Data Integrator/Data Servies on UNIX Systems” with step by step bullet points.

      Let me know if you need any info.


  2. hi,

    while executing the job got the select job server is not found. can i know the solution for the same.
    Thanks in Advance.

  3. Hi Sudheer,

    Do we need to create Central Repository first and then add the repository to the job server, what if create another local repository, do I have to add it to the Job Server?

    Apperciate your help..

  4. Do we need to create Central repository first then add it to the job server? What if I create another local repository, do I have to add it to the job server?

    • Create a local repository and attach it to Job server. Central repo is for multi user environment, want to maintain code versoning then central repo is the best option. For this you dont have to attach it to job server, any user can access central repo with appropriate privileges.

      Let me know if you need any help.

      Sudheer Sharma

  5. Hi Sudheer ,

    Your blog is excellent,simple and easily understanding .
    But missing comparision info with other ETL tools ,Can U also provide info about functionality ,comparing with transforms in BODS to transformtations in informatica ?
    wl be really helpful…!


  6. Hi Sudheer,

    Your Blog is excellent, i learned a lot from your blog thank you very much for posting this type of material and also could u pls provide me some information on Granularity with example…
    Thanks in Advance


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