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DI Architecture


Mainly i want to discuss about Designer, Engine, Jobserver, and Repository

1. DI Designer is to design your job and save it to a local repository. 

2. The Job Server is set up to monitor one or more repository databases. 

3. The Designer tells job server to run the job, then job server wakes up the DI engine, then DI engine retrieves the job’s definition from the associated repository, and executes it. 

4. A repository can be associated to one more job servers, at the same time a job sever can add one or more repositories.



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8 comments on “DI Architecture

  1. Thanks

    I might be asking you a simple question. I am very new to this tool however had experience Datastage.

    How many repositories will be there in a project?. I thought there will be only one Repository(Central Repository). Orelse Is there any difference between Repository and Central Repository?

    • Alright… you can find answer here to your question. Please check the DI components page and note for the “Repository section”. let me know if you require more information.


  2. Hi sir, i was install Data Service, and database is Oracle.I have create There user in Oracle to Run the Repository When Install data service and all step is successful but After installation Complete i log to Data Service Management Console But i can not see the repository in Management.
    I am stack about this please support me.
    Thanks for Advance.

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