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-- Download Multiple Datastore Configs - System Configs as PDF --

Well, sometimes we need to read data from different sources 

For this you need to create multiple configurations on single datastore and System configurations for the same

Follow these steps

  • Create a Datastore DS_SOURCE
  • Enter Datastore type as Database, Database type as Oracle, Version as choose the oracle version which you are uing
  • Connection name <Enter Oralce Service Name>, Enter Username and Password, Press Apply
  • Now, click ok Advanced button and click on Edit button.
  • A configuration window will open. Now you can see the Configuration1 as default configuration click on it and rename as Oracle
  • Now, click on Create New Configuration icon at the top of left hand side. Click on it.
  • A  Create New Configuration window will open. Enter name as SQL Server and select the Database type as Microsoft SQL Server and choose the version and click on Ok.
  • Enter your Machine name as Database server name, and SQL database name, set the authentication. Click on Apply and Ok.
  • Your DS_SOURCE datastore contains two configurations (Oracle (default), SQL Server). Now, you need to create system configurations.
  • Go to Tools menu, select System Configurations…A window will be opened.
  • Select the datastore DS_Source. A dropdown box appears, select the config type, ex:- select Oracle and Enter Configuration name as Oracle
  • Similar for another source SQL Server, and click on Ok. Check the below pic for reference.


Now when you execute the job you can choose the System configuration in the ‘Execution properties’ window.


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