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-- Download ETL Tool Comparison as PDF --


When we browse any forum/discussion groups, people used to ask few common questions.

  • Has anyone compared different ETL Tools in the market?
  • Do you have any article that illustrates differences of these ETL tools?
  • Which tool is the best in-terms of Cost & Performance?
  • Does this tool supports SMP and MMP architectures?

Why do they compare one ETL Tool with another?  Why do they analyze ?

Well, quickest answer is, almost all organizations do their ETL & BI related tools evaluations and analyzations along with their inputs, and finally they prepare an output document called ETL Tool Comparison Chart to determine which tool suits their requirements obviously they’re going to invest money on that.

Where we can get these comparison matrix/charts etc…? Why we don’t get much information when we google(search)..?

These documents are not publicly available because, it might contains some privacy rules of the organization, or non-disclosure agreements from tool vendors etc..


However, I googled and I have got one in which they compared older versions of Informatica & DataStage and I added DI stuff(older version), I attached the same herewith.

<<ETL_Tool Comparison Chart.xls>>



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8 comments on “ETL Tool Comparison

  1. This evaluation is very old. When you see “Ascential” you know it’s dated. IBM bought them years ago. And Informatica is on v8.x now. Not very relevant today.

  2. Thanks for your valuable comments Steve.

    Yes I knew this is irrelevant to the today’s ETL trends. Compared (Informatica & Datastage) ETl tools were used in 90’s and early 2000. Since then those products has changed drastically.

    But at the same time, you can’t compare DI 11.5 version with latest versions of other ETL tools. And you cannot compare DI 5, 6.1 versions with older versions of Informatica, Datastage etc…

    If anyone of you have any latest comparisons please share with us.

  3. Sudheer,

    I am not able to download or view the comparision xls sheet. Please email it to me or suggest me any other way to download it.

    Abhishek Kumar

  4. Hi Sudheer,

    Thanks for sharing the comparison. As Steeve mentions this is an old comparison.

    Is it possible to share the new comparison – in case you have done some research?

    This is an urgent requirement for me! Would be grateful if you could share the same.

    Email – aaro0o0o0o@gmail.com

    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Aarthi,

      Well, I already mentioned that this document was compared with older versions of all products which are not in use in today’s world. Indeed, I did research, unfortunately I did not have any documents to share. If you’re evaluating with other tools and if you any document in place, I could help you out in filing the gaps.


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