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-- Download Row_Generation Transform as PDF --

Notes on Row_generation: Infact it does nothing it produces an integer column with values starting from 0 and incremented one upto the row range you specified.

Row count: You can specify a positive value here that these many rows to generate for a column. 


Design Steps: I want to generate 3 rows for each row in the DEPT source


  • Place a Row_generation transform from object library, a SCOTT.DEPT table as another source and in the next step connect it to query transform and then target object.
  • Now give a dbl. click on the row_gen transform and specify the count as 3 
  • In the QRY transform i dragged all the columns from both the sources and i haven’t join these sources as i want cartesian result
  • Connect QRY O/P to the target object, save the DF definition and execute the job, view the data to see the resultant data


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4 comments on “Row_Generation Transform

  1. what is the persose of this transformation …what is the main difference between Key generator and Row Generator ….. name wise both are related.

    • Thanks for your comments. Well, Key_Generation generates key id’s for surrogate key based on the max key number in your table(very similar to something like oracle sequences), where as Row_Generation generates an integer rows for any column starting for 0 to n and incrementd by 1.


  2. row generation purpose to create empty value, in the reporting all KF/messure value will be accumulate if we don’t load any dimension corresponding values

  3. HI Sudheer,

    Your way of explanation is good.But, plz provide the images to get better understand.


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