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-- Download XML_Pipeline Transform as PDF --

Note on XML_Pipeline Transform: This deals with XML Sources and process large XML files into smaller pieces.

Options: No Options for this transform


  • You can’t drag the main ROOT to Out schema.
  • You cannot connect XML_Pipeline from any other source other than XML type.
  • You can have one or more XML_Pipeline transforms in your design.
  • Once you dragged any child level column to out schema, you cannot drag the entire parent schema to out schema.


Desgin Steps: My source contains nested schema, i want to unnest and load it into a table.

  • Drag your XML source from Fileformats (Either XML Schema or DTD), now place XML_pipeline transform on to the workspace and connect it from source.
  • Drag a template table to set as a TGT table.
  • In my XML source, i have data like this


  • Dbl. click on the XML_Pipeline transform, now drag the columns which you want.
  • Here i dragged EMPNO, ENAME, SAL columns from parent schema and DEPTNO, DNAME,LOC from sub schema. Observe the out schema, it contains unnested data.
  • Now check the TGT data.


Will post more examples later.

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