SAP Data Services

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SAP Business Objects Data Services  Overview

Data Services is a GUI based ETL tool from SAP Business Objects. It is a client server technology and an integrated tool-set for designing, running, monitoring, scheduling and administrating the ETL jobs.

Data Integrator/Data Services allows to develop data warehouse applications in both Batch and Real-Time job mode. It manages the data from heterogeneous and homogeneous sources and transforms the data according to business logic, integrates into single data source for analysis. It extracts the data from operational source systems and external source systems typically like RDBMS, Flat files, XML files, XML Messages, SAP IDoc’s, PeopleSoft, Siebel etc. We can develop complex dataflow mappings using simple GUI, point & click techniques

Here I’m going to share some basic stuff in DI/DS, which is useful for beginners (novice).

Data Services Topics

Data Services Installation Steps
Data Services Transformations

Tips & Tweaks

What’s New in SAP BODI/DS

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196 comments on “SAP Data Services

  1. Hi Sudheer,please give me full information about variables and parameters in the form of snap shots,how and where we will use this variables(global & local) and parameters.

  2. Hi Sudheer,
    My requirement is to fetch any SAP function from SAP R/3 system and use it in SAP BODS.
    I know how to import function,I have created new data store and imported the function,but when I intend to use the same in “new function call -> Custom function “,there is some issue in mapping.

    Kindly advice..
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Sudheer,
    Do you have any documents or screenshots or links on clustering servers in BODS 4.0.?
    If so please share..


  4. Hi Sudheer,
    Can you give me the necessity of the following options of table comparison with images as you have provided for other transforms?Kindly provide the necessity for the options?
    Input contains duplicate keys
    Generated Key column
    Detect Deleted row(s) from comparison table->I understand that If this is checked, then it will show ‘D” opcode when the record is not available in source but available the comparison table
    Detect all rows
    Detect row with largest generated key value.


  5. Hi All,

    I would like to know what is the importance of SAP BODS??

    when there are similar technologies like MDM/PI/BI in SAP.

    please help me regarding this.


  6. Hi Sudheer,

    Thanks for your valuable information.
    Please Provide some information about MAP_CDC_operaration. For that we need to create CDC tables in oracle, then what is the structure for that cdc table.
    In your blog also i didn’t find any information about that transformation.

    And also provide some information about Admin part of BODS.


  7. Hi Sudheer,

    Can you please tell me how to restart rfc connections in management console.I am working @ BODS admin part side.Could you please post some information related to admin part.
    And also please mail me what type of issues occur in admin.

    Thanks for your support.

  8. I have table which contains startdate, Now i want to create end date in target table,I have created that using new out column,

    ABCDEGHIKSLNRU-UEBHYRDF-HYRC 5/11/2010 15:55 12/9/2010 16:47
    ABCDEGHIKSLNRU-UEBHYRDF-HYRC 12/10/2010 16:47 12/12/2010 17:01
    ABCDEGHIKSLNRU-UEBHYRDF-HYRC 12/13/2010 17:01 2/8/2011 16:18
    ABCDEGHIKSLNRU-UEBHYRDF-HYRC 2/9/2011 16:18 6/21/2011 15:08
    ABCDEGHIKSLNRU-UEBHYRDF-HYRC 2/9/2011 16:18 2/9/2011 16:18
    ABCDEGHIKSLNRU-UEBHYRDF-HYRC 6/22/2011 15:08 7/6/2011 15:55
    ABCDEGHIKSLNRU-UEBHYRDF-HYRC 7/7/2011 15:55 12/31/9999 0:00

  9. Hi
    I want to make a connection between Data Services 3.2 and SAP BW System. Since we use RFC connection in between in order to have them talk with eachother but i wonder if there is any documentation that describes the RFC connection and configuration required particularly in this scenario.
    Please let me know what we have to do to make integration in between them.
    Provide me if any documentaion which help me on this.

    Thanks in Adv..


  10. HI everyone,

    Actually i am Abap consultant.I am interested in learnig SAP BODS.Could anyone please mail me the Related tutorials or Suggest me which is the best website to learn SAP BODS.

    U.Dileep Kumar

  11. Let say Developer 1 has created Global variable 1 for a Job 1

    now developer has exported the Job 1 as ATL File.

    Dev 2 wants to use the Job 1 and so imports it into his local repository ..
    if Dev 2 now tries to run the Job 1 would there be an error since Dev 2 has not created Global variable 1?

  12. We have two tables like Record Header ,Record Line tables,Please have a look below submition instruction,

    my target is FlatFile,Could you please help me if any one knows the solution.please post the solution here.

    The sum of the claims line number is described below:
    RH TEST HEADER 1 Claims Line Number
    RL Test Line 1 1
    RL Test Line 2 2
    RL Test Line 3 3
    RL Test Line 4 1
    RL Test Line 5 2
    RL Test Line 6 1


    Number of RH=3 Number of RL=6 Sum of claims line number = 1+2+3+1+2+1=10

  13. Hi Sudheer,

    We are facing issue with BODS(3.2) Web admin page connection.we have removed DMP files which is created by Application in our logs & enough space is maintained & restart the Application server.But still we are unable to open the Web admin page.Kindly suggest how we resolved this issue?

  14. Hi,

    Is it possible to schedule a job to be run once on the 3rd day or every quarter? i.e. on 3rd Jan, 3rd April, 3rd July and 3rd Oct? If so, how do we do it? If not possible, is there a workaround to achieve this?

    • Yes, this can be possible. Schedule the job eactly on which date to trigger. Other way around is have a calender table (list of days that you may want to trigger the job) and use this table to schedule the job.

      Hope this helps!
      Sudheer Sharma

      • Schedule the job exactly on which date to trigger? How do I do that when BO DS provides only one calendar and if I click 3rd, then it does it for the 3rd of every month.

        • My bad on that statement. You might have to create multiple schedules or You may have to use 3rd party scheduler to write up some custom code to trigger such kind of instances. However, I will try from my end probabaly this weekend.

          Sudheer Sharma

  15. Hi Guys,

    Anyone has written data to xml file. I am able to write one row of data into xml file but when i write more rows it duplicates in the xml file. Anyone has done work on it. Please contact me directly at


  16. Hi Sudheer,

    My source is Progress SQL 9.2 32-bit, target is SAP 64-bit on SAP BODS 4.2 64bit on windows env. I’m able to connect the SAP HANA through 64 bit ODBC connection. I’m created 32 bit odbc for Progress SQL 9.2 using datadirect driver software. But can’t able to see this information while edit the Datastore on the BODS.
    Please suggest.
    S. Thangavel

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